The Best Places Where One Can Sell Furniture Online in 2018

Are you renovating and you want to replace all of you furniture? Or have you simply outgrown it and want to replace it for something new? Thankfully, finding a way to get rid of your used furniture has never been easier. If you are someone that wants to sell furniture, whether online or locally, then in this article we will give you a few great options that you can turn to and not only get rid of your old pieces, but also make some extra money as well.


This is a great place to use if you want a company that will take care of most of the steps in the process for you. Once you go their website and sign up and list your furniture, the company will then dispatch their people to come to your home and take all of the necessary measurements, look at the condition of the pieces, take photographs and document everything. After this process is done, you can choose to either keep the pieces at your home or agree to have them transferred to their warehouse instead. The moment that you alert Viyet that you want to sell the items, they will be opened to bidding and you can accept or bargain for the price. The company also takes care of the transportation to the buyers, which means all you have to do is wait for payment.


This is a marketplace, but there is something that makes it very different from other marketplaces out there and that is that they have a theme. When people decide to sell furniture on this site they still have to post pictures, but along with that they also post stories to go with every individual piece they want to sell. The curators on the site will examine both the pieces and the stories behind them and if they are approved, the proceeds of the sale will be split 80-20 between you and the company. All of the transportation costs will also be taken by the company and the website will give each buyer a 48 hour period to decide if they really want to settle for the furniture.


This site works pretty much the same as other websites. You go online and post pictures of the pieces of furniture you want to sell on their site and then wait for a buyer. After you have come to an agreement with a buyer, the people at AptDeco will handle everything that has to do with moving the furniture and get it to the buyer with no extra cost to you. When the company delivers the furniture they will collect the payment and take their 14%-19% commission, and the rest of the money should be transferred to you within two days.

Getting rid of your old furniture isn’t nearly as complicated as it used to be. Although you do have to pay a fee to the company most of the time, the fact that you pretty much don’t have to do any of the work apart from post a few photos online is a great perk. What’s left for you to do is figure out which site you want to use and simply sell furniture that you have no need for anymore.